SPEAKER: I am happy to be invited to give illustrated talks to Community / Church / Special Interest Groups who are looking for speakers. Based in n Norwich, I am especially open to invitations from locations in or within a few miles of the city centre of Norwich. I will gladly consider other requests - although  transport  may be needed.

NEEDS: I can provide a computer or IPad BUT WILL NEED the use of either a digital projector, OR (especially appropriate within a home setting) a decent sized TV with an HDMR socket (help me find the HDMR input) on the back (I will bring the wiring needed). Having a room that can be rendered dark enough to allow projected images to be clearly seen and appreciated is also vital for a good session.

DONATIONS: I make no personal charge for speaking (except for the reimbursement of any travel / other costs incurred) but a contribution to Parkinson UK (or another charity that I may be supporting at the time) is requested. Depending upon group resources, (I leave it to those inviting me to weigh that up!) a donation of between £10-£35 would seem fitting.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION ON ORGANISING A TALK- dg@photosdg.co.uk - OR 07738950540