One of the earliest crucifixion images - small ivory at the British Museum

My interest in art was fired when, during student days, I visited a bookshop wanting to spend a booktoken on a suitable course book. Somehow I stumbled over the classic art history book, The Story of Art by Gombrich. It appealed. I bought it, read it, and discovered that art was compelling and interesting. Since then I have tried to develop an awareness and appreciation of art. I am not an art expert. I am not trained in art history. In recent years, however,

I have prepared some art based presentations: one looking at how Jesus has been depicted by artists of different ages and from different settings; another looking at how the crucifixion of Jesus has been underhand a third looking at how the idea of the ‘true likeness’ of Jesus has developed (there is no description of Jesus anywhere in the Gospels, yet amongst a whole sea of faces we can unfailingly identify the person intended to be a depiction of Jesus - why and how is this so? These presentations are based around projected images.